Purchase a work of art

A company which invests in the art and exposes its acquisitions can make tax relief on the result of the exercise of acquisition and over the next four years. The professionals who buy original works of alive artists and register them on an account of fixed assets, can deduct from the result of the year of acquisition and of the next 4 years, by equal fractions, a sum equal to the purchase price within the limits of 5 for one thousand of its turnover ET. To compensate this tax deduction, the company has to present over 5 years the works acquired to the public.

For the works whose purchase price is lower than 5000 euros ET, Ministerial Delegate for Budget admits that the condition of exhibition to the public is satisfied since the work is exposed in a place " accessible to the customers and/or to the employees of the company, with the exception of the personal offices ".

Purchase a work of art in leasing

Whether you are a company, a public corporation or a liberal profession, purchasing in leasing allows you to spread over several months the load of the investment without distorting the debt capacity of your structure. Fiscally, the rents are deductible from your taxable result as operating expenses in conformance with the arrangement in furniture of your premises. So they contribute to decrease your IS or your IRPP.

Furthermore, later on, you have the opportunity to become the owner in a private capacity and deprived of the work of art. Those can at your convenience, be acquired, either by your company, by yourself, or by a third party which you will name (museum, community, family, association, foundation)

In practice : your company rents the work for a duration going from 12 to 48 months through a rental agreement established with our financial partner. In the terms of the rental agreement, our partner then sells the work for a residual value between 2 and 10 % of the price according to the duration of the contract. The transfer is free; it can be personally made to integrate the works into your private heritage.