Art is an invented creation born from an extraordinary idea with an aesthetic content. It is translated by an artist to be perceived by the viewer's senses. This creates emotions, fascination, questioning, indifference or disgust. There is no denying that being confronted with the work of art brings enrichment by means of the creator's own sensitivity and intellect.

To judge a work of art from its message, or its social or political vertues only, would definitely suppress its fundamental liberty and alter the masterpiece. An aesthetic  creation  does not have to be justified, it has its own characteristics and is the product of the observer.

If you buy a work of art, it makes you a militant who perpetuates the memory of an emotion, who brings home the power to dream, to imagine and to be free. If you buy a work of art you also satisfy a need for beauty, it says something to yourself , you reconcile yourself with yourself, and you develop and increase your originality and emotions.

Gallery E like Emotion. Its vocation is to install a unique link between the artists and the viewers so that emotions become accessible to eveyone

Gallery E like Excitement. The artists that we present are meetings, with their own techniques and  own different emotions.

Gallery E like Ephemeral. We exhibit masterpieces in places that prove to be as unusual and strange as temporary. In these places beauty  is perceived on the spot at the very instant.

Gallery E like Hello. Like an opening  on the world, like an invitation to discover and appreciate the artists' talents.